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Misha Harris Joins LiveGood

I chose LiveGood because it is the evolved version of Network Marketing. While most companies in this industry are still stuck in the ways of selling overpriced products, just to make a couple people at the top of a compensation plan rich, for me LiveGood is the future of network marketing.

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The membership-based model with fairly priced products is where the economy, and the network marketing industry are headed. And no company is better positioned to take advantage of these trends than LiveGood.

On top of that they have the absolute BEST products available anywhere for as much as 75% less than many companies are charging for lower quality products. With such great discounts, I was amazed at the quality when I tried the Ultra Magnesium Complex.

It has helped me with sleep, endurance, depression, brain function, inflammation, and anxiety. I was spending $50 a bottle before, so the quality of this formula was better and only $8 wholesale.


There is no purchase requirements or monthly autoships in LiveGood. Even so, people are crazy about these high quality products, feeling freedom to buy even more than if they were on a monthly autoship program!

In addition our leadership, our compensation plan, and now the most powerful powerline-driven system the industry has ever seen are all reasons LiveGood is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing companies in the industry.

About LiveGood

With a commitment to helping people, LiveGood brings you the most advanced nutritional supplements on the market, made with only the purest, highest quality, results-driven ingredients on the planet, without the expensive pricing mark-ups of other companies.

With over 92% of Americans deficient in one or more vitamins or minerals, most people are not getting everything their body needs from food. The longer your body goes without the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, you don’t digest food properly, your organs fail to function at peak levels and your immune system breaks down. All of which can be avoided through proper supplementation.


For more information about the LiveGood products, visit here

For more information about the LiveGood affiliate business, visit here

Source: Business For Home, 11th January 2023

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