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Livegood Review

I almost promised myself; Never do product based companies again - No more MLM!

Until now... I am super-excited about Livegood: Watch this video now!

What changed?

A company that truly have understood the industry need a paradigm shift! What does that mean? It means we need to change the traditional business where people buy overpriced products with monthly autoships. Ordinary people join companies because they want to buy high quality products and perhaps make some extra money. With expensive products they probably cant afford to buy. They seldom have profits. Now in this financial challenging world we all live in, many will struggle even more and sadly many will drop out of this industry. That's too bad, because this industry is a wonderful place to be in! 

Finally everything changed with Livegood:

Livegood offer high quality products with the lowest prices in the market, which people can afford to buy! There is NO autoships! You can buy whenever you like! And there is also no requirement to recruit people to start making money! In fact you can earn up to 2047 USD without enrolling a single person. 

Now I think it's exciting to be part of this industry again with this fun and easy business model!

Livegood banner by Marius Pedersen.jpg

Start your business at low cost: Become an affiliate $40 (one-time-fee!)

Membership $9.95 monthly. Total $49.95 to get started.


My first week in LiveGood:

my first week earnings.png

And I got my products:

Yeah I got my prod.png

It's really a long time since I was so excited about an income opportunity!

Click here to take the free tour now - watch the 5 minutes video


Contact me if you have any questions.

To your massive success!


Marius Pedersen


Join my team today - I will be happy to work with you!

My Commissions Experiences So far:

After 5 weeks in the LiveGood business I can now show you more, due dilligence, commissions payout experiences!

LiveGood have both weekly and monthly payouts.

1. Here is an example of the weekly fast start bonuses

2. Here is an example of the monthly matrix and matching bonuses

Livegood passive income.png

3. Here is an example of the amazing monthly matching bonuses

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