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As a Clubshop Partner, you have a precise and realistic goal: To earn $6000/month within 24 months! Let's see how to achieve it.

Your Income On Autopilot! The team is built for you! Join in the FUN! You will simply love this!

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Today I will introduce you to a very exciting opportunity. Maybe you just waited for this one!

It has a different set-up than anything else and this is something everyone can enjoy!

The company ProProfit Worldwide is run by Giuseppe Francavilla and Fabrizio Perotti. They have developed the Clubshop concept that has been on the market since 1997 with their cashback deals on top quality brands. Their GPS (Global Partner System) is very interesting because it offer you a full automated business system. With a monthly subscription you participate in their COOP advertising shares and you will receive affiliates in your team every single month.

With their new feature you can join as a trial partner 30 days, for free. Cancel at anytime. You can see how it works 24/7 and you will even see if you can earn commissions! If you confirm your GPS subscription and pay, you will lock in your position and secure the team you currently have received.

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Why I think this is really interesting?

The fact that you can try the system for free is very good and the GPS system is truly exciting.

You have Fast start bonuses on your personally sponsored members. Those you receive by the Coop are included here. You get 50% of the subscription cost the first month and anytime they upgrade their package, regardless of where in the structure they are.

The residual income part is a bit more complicated but when you get a grip on this, it's really addicting and exciting. The system is called TNT and you build 6 lines of 6 partners each. These 6 partners don't have to be your personally sponsored members. You get commissions 6 generations deep including any purchases in the shop. 

The payin methods are Paypal, BTC, ETH, Perfect Money. No KYC needed. Open worldwide!

My strategy is to build this on full autopilot, every month!

Summer 2022 will set a $6000 monthly passive income! Maybe more!

If you want to join me in this $6000 team, please contact me today and I will give you the step by step instructions with an easy to follow PDF. 

Watch this video to see what you get if you join my team now!
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Clubshop GPS business is exciting! 

The backoffice is easy but also quite comprehensive with many features and reports. I love the fact you can monitor every part of your business 24/7.

I also like that we can purchase extra COOP advertising shares to receive more affiliates in the team.

Try it, no risk! Check more info here

To your success,
Marius Pedersen