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Are you ready to receive passive income with probably the world most advanced arbitrage software on automation every week?







Make PASSIVE INCOME with advanced
Arbitrage algorithms! Watch my video now:

Interview with Tony Jackson, CEO of Jubilee Ace in Forbes Magazine- You can read the article here

Thanks for your interest in Jubliee Ace and their triangular arbitrage income opportunity. I was introduced to this from a friend of mine who is a serious marketer. I have known him for many years and I was very thankful he shared this with me. I am very excited about this opportunity!

I know (all about) old-school arbitrage and even tried it manually myself. It's a very interesting way of making money. The advantage is that you always (99%-100%) profit. The disadvantage is that the profit is very small on the single trade and to manually set up a trade is tedious work and time consuming. 

I see that the new AQUA arbitrage software have the solution: They have created AAI (advanced artificial intelligent) algorithms and make trades superfast (within 1 second per trade!). This has been shown in Live demos! So all the work is done for you. You just pick a "campaign" and let the software make trades for you. Within a few days you receive your deposit (min. $1000) and profits. Then you can add your profits to your working capital and enjoy compounding! With the lowest package you can earn approximately 6% profit monthly and this can add up quickly by compounding (and if you choose to refer others).

The other advantage I see is that they trade in 3 different industries; cryptocurrencies, commodities and esports. That diversify the risks and even if one industry is decreasing in value, we still earn profits. 


The video above is an English presentation video by Peter Edvardsson. Let me know if you find this interesting and I will send you my registration link and START UP GUIDE PDF.


One strategy I use is to select one of the sports campaigns. If they return a 1% dividend every 5 days, I can do this 6 times a month which results in 6% passive profits monthly. Remember you can compound your earnings and as higher working capital you have as higher dividends you will access. 

To your success,
Marius Pedersen

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