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Hi! My name is Marius Pedersen. 

I am always looking for online opportunities and those you can "set and forget", in a while you will see your account grow. Are you looking for the same too?

Now it's more important than ever to help people financially, all around the world.


I have been in the network marketing industry since 1996. GreenGold caught my attention and now I am really fired up with this 100% RELIABLE PROJECT - a brand new opportunity. It started back in 2013 based out of Finland, my neighbor country. Adam Durand started it (you can watch a video with him below). But the marketing plan is new and just started last year.

The concept is truly ECO friendly. I simply love it!

REFORESTATION (Planting trees) where there is deforesting. Preserving nature is important.


What's in it for YOU - Invest in green gold?

Reliability and Durability.

The network marketing part of the business was created in 2020 to speed up the marketing for the planting process. 

In this opportunity we can earn daily passively on their exciting carbon credit system. 

You do not need to refer anyone and you can start as low as $25 (only BTC pay-ins and pay-outs). I purchased the $50 package to my wife and myself. When you buy a pack, it is valid for 12 years so your earnings will be paid for 12 years (unlike other sites that ask you to renew your pack after a few months). And you have the possibility to upgrade from one pack to another just by supplementing the difference of price.

If you build a team however, there is a very generous binary system that you can activate. I have some tricks that you can use, so ask me about this if you want to get started quickly.

There are no monthly or yearly fees! This is a lovely easy deal! If you withdraw once a month, there is no fees (otherwise 1-9%).

This is a very easy and exciting online business system. I recommend you to join me and look for yourself. If you want to start as low was $25 (only Bitcoin pay-ins and pay-outs), then there is really no risk! You can upgrade anytime! You can download full PDF-presentation here.

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Marius Pedersen

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