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Let me introduce you to Geton investments. This is a company that professionally help start-up businesses to implement blockchain technology. 

What does that mean? If a company wants to run a worldwide online business, it's now very efficient (and innovative) to use tokens to run the business. The token-system can be used as a payment method and also increase the value of the business itself. As more customers / users, the tokens arise in value and the business will be self-sustainable with token-holders. I imagine most online businesses will be based on blockchain technology in the future, so this has a huge potential and is very exciting.

What's in it for you? Geton Investments have added an opportunity for you if you find this exciting and want to back these start-ups (projects). You can call it crowdfunding if you will, but staking is a more well-known term within the crypto-industry.

What is staking? Staking cryptocurrency means that you are holding cryptocurrency to verify transactions and support the network. In exchange for holding the crypto and strengthen the network, you will receive a reward. You can also call it an interest. With staking you can generate a legitimate passive income by holding tokens / coins.

This is exactly the opportunity Geton investments offer you... Read on..

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With the Geton-token, which is the main-token and cover all their business projects, you can do staking. Personally I have seen this token increase in value every day. Your brilliant opportunity is:  You can purchase the Geton tokens and hold them and see your money grow daily as the value continue to rise on autopilot OR you can so-called STAKE them and become a stake-holder. You will see soon this is a very exciting plan! 

So how does it work? It's a way for you and me to become stake-holders, "crowdfund", supporting and strengthen the Geton network (with their exciting tokenized business projects) and you will be richly rewarded over a period of 100 days. Depending on your investment, you can earn from fixed 0.75% - 1,25% daily. With this generous and incredible plan it's in fact possible to double your money in 100 days and re-invest them. You can compound as soon as you reach 50 Euro in rewards, it's entirely up to you.


Just recently they launched a brand new branch and model that they now roll out worldwide, called Geton Global. This is where we join to participate in this amazing passive income opportunity. They truly believe this concept can be interesting for the masses (so do I!), so they added a lucrative unilevel model where you can earn some extra money by referring others, get potential spill-over etc. but absolutely not required to earn passively daily.


It's important to stress this: If you cannot refer anyone, you are welcome to just hold your tokens or stake them in the 100-days-plan, withdraw or re-invest them as you prefer. This is passive income for you! No referring required!



This is probably the quickest earner model I have seen, of legit and transparent companies (as you probably know and have experienced already, they are seldom to find). 

The minimum deposit right now is 100 euro and upwards. If you can afford a higher amount, you will get higher rewards in the interesting staking program. You can pay by making a SEPA or international bank transaction or crypto which definately is the fastest way. They are working on a new PowerPoint these days so I will also send you this too, when available, if you are interested. I am in a higher position not many levels under the company and they just started up in Asia and we could possibly get a lot of spillover in the unilevel system in the coming weeks and months.

Let me just make it clear, this is not an ordinary "program", but a legal company where we can utilize their staking opportunity. They make it possible for companies and private "investors" to make passive income while backing their projects tokenizing start up companies! Blockchain companies will flood the market in the future, now you too can take part in this exciting industry. Participate in the massive earnings from one of the leading blockchain providers of the world today, Geton investments. Do not miss this!

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The Geton d.o.o is a private company established in May 2018 in 100% ownership of Grossus d.o.o located in Gosposvetska cesta 4a, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The Founder & CEO is Milan Kozlevcar.

Registration number 8210705000
Tax number 57632723.

Bank details: IBAN SI566000 0892 180 SWIFT: HLONSI22 Bank: LON d.d. (

8210705001 - PE PipleShare Blockchain, 
8210705002 - PE CarbCoin Blockchain, 
8210705003 - PE PronWorld Blockchain, 
8210705004 - PE AirPod Blockchain, 
8210705005 - PE GetonHealth Blockchain, 
8210705006 - PE LifeOnScreen Blockchain.

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