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Today let me introduce you to Adpack Share Club (ASC).

This is for you who love the old-fashion revshare programs.

NO KYC needed and you receive a $10 SIGN-UP GIFT! (you can buy an adpack for this and test it, NO RISK!)

Sign up now

ASC have a diversified portofolio and the revshare is delivering well, performing about 0.8% daily right now!


Start at Beginner packages at $10 each (Max 50 packs)

Then you can buy Premium (Max 40) and Superior packs (Max 30).


No need to surf ads. But you can surf ads to earn credits (ASC tokens).

No need to refer anyone.

Advertising alternative:

My idea is to use this platform advertise GoDiamond, Cashjuice and Clubshop


Join now!

Sign up, riskfree! 

Click here now

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